Sunday, September 6, 2009

1/2 marathon

Well me and my mom ran a half marathon on Saturday and we finished with a pretty good time and we had an exciting race! OK, here's the story: We started off by watching the three younger siblings run their half mile fun thing. Afterwords my mom was just chilling but I freaking! I was begging here to just come to where the race started and she can chill there. But nooooo! She had to go to the bathroom about a couple minutes before the thing started. OK now I was really freaking! She finally came back and the race started. Well we started out way in the back and I kept getting criticized by my mother for looking back to make there were still people behind us. Well we kept running and at about mile 9 I couldn't see anybody behind us. Ohhh great. But at around mile ten we hit the water station with all our friends. And then came Nathan. My mom was mad and calling him an idiot under her breath but I was pretty happy. Nathan was running with us for a bit but then I sprinted ahead and Nathan asked my mom whether he should run with me or hang with her. She said that he could go and catch up to me. She figured that I would run out of energy and she would catch me and Nathan but I surprised her.
(Can't touch this!)
I ended up sprinting the last three miles with Nathan passing about fifteen people along the way and finishing the race at about 2:25 in what my mom says was a blaze of glory. Nathan then went back to find my mom (Crazy dude) he then came back with my mom and we finished together for the picture. I won 1st in my age group and we all had fun!